A Night of Insights

Thanks to everyone who came to the program on the evolving US-Japan alliance and implications for Asian peace and prosperity. The three speakers, Michael Armacost, Masanori Nishi, and David Shear offered fascinating insights on the strong state of the US-Japan alliance, a high risk level in the region and a troubling degree of uncertainty about the intentions of major players.

Japan is playing an increasingly more robust role in underpinning regional security, a role welcomed by the US and many in Asia. Japanese citizens also appear to be growing gradually more comfortable with that role.

With rising threats to American security coming from Asia, including nuclear weapons I North Korea, and territorial issues in the East and South China Sea, it is fortunate that Japan is stepping up its role as a robust security partner for America. It was clear that effective collaboration between the US and Japan will be critical to managing and resolving regional threats.