Japan in Schools


Program Overview

The Japan Society of Northern California’s Vision 2020 Initiative adopted in 2010 calls for a new commitment to ensure the continued availability of Japanese language and cultural education in public schools in Northern California. At a time when our states’ schools are challenged by sharp budget cuts, our goal is to direct cultural and financial resources to existing Japanese language programs that might otherwise not be able to continue at their current level, if at all.  In 2011-12, Japan Society began talks with schools in the San Francisco Unified School District to test best ways to help them sustain their current Japanese language programs. Due to the program’s success, we will continue to work to extend the program to other schools and other school districts.

Origami with Clarendon Elementary School Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program

Origami with Clarendon Elementary School Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program

Possible support includes: 

  • Financial resources
  • Teaching materials (textbooks, materials, supplies)
  • Educational and cultural enrichment resources (bringing prominent figures in Japanese arts, business, politics and culture to the target schools as sources of inspiration for students to pursue their interest in Japanese and Japan)
  • Invitations for students to attend relevant Japan Society events and lectures
  • Explore the possibility of extending summer language classes to interested students to continue their studies during the summer break
  • Raise public awareness of the need to support our Japanese language programs 
  • Develop a Volunteer Network Committee to lend support to the Japan in the Schools Program


Japanese Language Programs currently being supported:

  • Abraham Lincoln High School
  • Clarendon Elementary School 
  • El Cerrito High School
  • George Washington High School
  • Lowell High School
  • Mills High School
  • Presidio Middle School
  • Rosa Parks JBBP


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For more information about the Japan in the Schools Initiative, please contact Japan in the Schools Project Manager Megumi Inouye ( or Japan Society (