Donation Overview

Your generous gift to the Japan Society of Northern California enables us to continue providing the Bay Area with the high-quality programs and events you expect of us. Your charitable contributions are the cornerstone of our work.

Please consider making a donation in one of the following four ways:

General Operating Expense Donation

General Operating Expense donations provide essential funds to support the Society’s day-to-day operations and strengthen the organization. Your donations give us the flexibility to respond to current events and plan for the future.

$ 25.00 – $ 5,000.00 USD

Capital Fund Donation

The Japan Society of Northern California Capital Fund is dedicated to supporting the long-term growth of the Society and providing a cushion for critical investments in the Society’s infrastructure. Your donations are administered by professional fund managers to maximize returns with minimum risk.

$ 25.00 – $ 5,000.00 USD


In-Kind Donation

The Japan Society gladly accepts in-kind donations of services, office equipment, furniture and other items that enable us to concentrate our resources on programming. Please contact us for more information.