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JSNC Leadership Circle

The JSNC Leadership Circle, established in 2010 as part of the Society’s Vision 2020 initiative to set the course for the Society over the coming decade, is a select group of individual Japan Society members with a special affinity for Japan and Japan America interaction. The Leadership Circle includes leaders in Japan US relations and business in both the United States and Japan, including former recipients of the Japan Society Award of Honor.

Leadership Circle members provide invaluable counsel and financial support to the Society. Our programs, classes and the pursuit of our mission of furthering US Japan ties in a changing world would not be possible without their generous support. Individuals who joined the Leadership Circle in 2010-2011 are recognized as Leadership Circle Charter Members. All Leadership Circle Members are listed below.

* Charter Member

Leadership Circle Members


          • George Hayashi*
        • Keiko Negishi-Marsh & Terry Marsh*



              • Kazuhiko Abe
              • Jeffrey & Brenda Bohn
              • Barbara K. Bundy*
              • Nobuko Saito Cleary & Dr. Gary Cleary*
              • Richard B. Dasher*
              • William P. Fuller & Jennifer Becket*
              • Tracy Gopal
              • Howard T. Hoover*
              • Keiko Horkan
              • Kathleen Kimura, MBE*
              • Susan Kobayashi
              • Dr. Hermine Makman
              • Dr. Richard Makman
              • Michael G. O’Bryan & Masako Shimizu*
              • Steve Pollock
              • David A. Saltzman 
              • Tsutomu (Tom) Tanaka
              • Joyce & John R. Thomas*
              • Tom & Akemi Woofter*
              • Yujin Yamaai

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