JSNC Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

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The Japan Society of Northern California, in a joint-effort with Give2Asia, chose the following organizations as beneficiaries of the generous donations received since March 11, 2011 in the total amount of $288,861.07 (as of March 8, 2012):

AAR Japan - http://www.aarjapan.gr.jp/english/

AAR’s project focused on providing food and non-food items to 450 elderly people and persons with disabilities (PWDs) at nine social welfare facilities, and five displaced families. In addition, 2,808 students received vegetable juice.

Photo on right courtesy of AAR Japan

Free the Children Japanhttp://www.ftcj.com/

FTCJ aims to free children from poverty and exploitation, as well as to help young people believe in the power of their own ideas and empower their confidence to make a difference in the world. The project JSNC is supporting is the purchase of 252 electrical fans for schools in Soma city. There are about 5,000 students in total who are studying inside school buildings with no air ventilation due to the increased risk of radiation.

NICCO -http://www.kyoto-nicco.org

As of Oct. 25th, NICCO hosted two hot meal events by famous chefs and a total of 510 meals were served. This project aims to promote community building in order to prevent social isolation and reduce the risk of psychosocial problems. NICCO is also coordinating product development to support producers of agricultural, fishery and livestock products (6 already on the market, 2 on the way).

Rescue Stockyard -http://rsy-info.jimdo.com/for-international-supporters/

RSY has been offering foot bath services at the evacuation shelters, cooking meals with local women, and visiting households in the affected area to find out what they need. In response to the assessment, they installed 70 handrails on the entrance steps of temporal houses to prevent accidents during the winter season.

Second Harvesthttp://www.2hj.org/index.php/eng_home

Second Harvest’s project continues to supply emergency food packages households in the affected area. As of Oct. 13th, they delivered 5,203 packages of more than 500 tons in aid by making 97 delivery trips.

Photo on right courtesy of Second Harvest



EEE (Eat, and Energize the East)

EEE seeks to reestablish Eastern Japan’s agriculture capabilities by linking farmers and fisherman, and to improve the quality of food produced by performing their own radioactive testing.

MMHWA (Miyagi Mental Health Welfare Association)

MMHWA plans to provide mental health awareness meetings and psychosocial support for adults and children. In addition, they will also provide training for volunteers, local government officials, and health professionals.


PARCIC aims to help people who have suffered from catastrophes such as natural disasters and violence, and to ultimately achieve self-reliance in the form of economic sustainability. Their project aims to revitalize sustainable seaweed farming for 205 fishing families.


Please note: These projects are funded through a collaboration of many donor-advised funds, including the JSNC fund. The JSNC fund is not the sole funder of these projects.