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Practice your Japanese & Become a Networking Pro!

October 29, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

*Japanese & English Program with Networking

Are you looking for a chance to practice your Japanese language skills with native Japanese speakers? We are inviting all Japanese language learners to an exciting language exchange with native Japanese speakers! The event will provide a mutual benefit for both sides, as we will be practicing how to network with conversations in both languages. This is a perfect opportunity to talk and mingle with each other in a networking environment.

We all know that networking and connecting with others is important in the U.S., and especially in Silicon Valley. Often it boils down to who you know in job searches, when founding new businesses, marketing your company’s products, and more. But how do we create those networks? For this event, Japanese speakers will learn how to network and practice their Japanese language skills in an unscripted, realistic setting.

Our amazing teacher, Rochelle Kopp, is a management consultant who specializes in cross-cultural communication, personnel management, leadership, and vitalizing organizations. She will be sharing an in-depth look on how to network in Silicon Valley with native English speakers.

In the second half of the program, we will use Zoom breakout rooms to network and apply what was learned in the first half while engaging in a language exchange. We invite native English speakers to use their Japanese language skills to network with Japanese speakers! Since networking is a key aspect of this program, all registrants will be asked to please participate.

Seats are limited, so please register early! We look forward to seeing you at the program.


Date and Time:
Saturday, October 30th, 2021 at 10-11 A.M. (Japan Time)
Friday, October 29th, 2021 at 6-7 P.M. (PDT)


FREE!  (Zoom link will be sent upon registration)












ロッシェル・カップ (Rochelle Kopp) |  ジャパン・インターカルチュラル・コンサルティング創業者・社長 & 北カリフォルニア・ジャパンソサエティ、ボードメンバー

グローバル人材育成、リーダーシップ、異文化コミュニケーション、組織活性化、人事管理、働き方改革などをテーマにする経営コンサルタント。朝日新聞や日経産業新聞などに連載。『英語の品格』『マンガでわかる外国人との働き方』『反省しないアメリカ人をあつかう方法34』や『英語の品格 実践編』をはじめ著書多数。




October 29, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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