Female Leadership: Tips to Inspire and Be Inspired!

Women's Impact Network (WIN) Series Event *Online via Zoom When you reflect on your career history, were there others who supported your career journey? Have you supported the career journey of other women? Globally, the spotlight is on increasing the number of women on boards and women in leadership. With each passing year, there are Read More

(Hybrid Event) Creating Corporate Value in Japan through ESG

DG717 717 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

*Hybrid Event Prime Minister Abe’s Third Arrow for economic revitalization emphasized improving corporate governance to attract foreign investment into Japan. Six years after the introduction of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, the Nikkei 225 reached 30,000 for the first time in three decades. Have improvements in corporate governance been the source of value creation? What about Read More

Tokyo Program : シリコンバレー、深セン、ピッツバーグに学ぶ~『産業クラスター成功の秘密』QWSアカデミア(早稲田大学)

Shibuya QWS Tokyo, Japan

SHIBUYA QWSオリジナルプログラム ”QWSアカデミア”  大学と連携した「未知の問い」と出会うプログラムです。大学には多様な「問い」と向き合う研究者やプレイヤーがいます。「QWSアカデミア」は、単に知識が伝達される授業ではなく、双方向に刺激を与え合い、化学反応を生み出すことを目指します。 

2022 US-Japan Friendship Cup Tennis Tournament | San Mateo

San Mateo High School Tennis Courts 506 N Delaware St, San Mateo, CA, United States

Founded in 1987, the purpose of the Friendship Cup Tennis Tournament is to develop a warm relationship between the people of Japan and the United States. Let's all play tennis together!

$50 – $60

Movie Chat: Watch and Discuss Japanese Films


Do you like watching movies? Do you also find yourself analyzing movies and talking about the context with others? We are now accepting students for an exciting 7-week virtual workshop.


Yōkai 101: Exploring the Thrill of Japanese Folklore


"Yōkai 101: Exploring the Thrill of Japanese Folklore" is back – and right after Obon season! Join us on Zoom for our special (and spooky) event all about yōkai, supernatural entities and spirits that appear in many Japanese tales.

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