Past Awardees

Congratulations to All Our Winners

2017 Emerging Leaders
Preferred Networks, Inc. (Japan)
Cylance Inc. (USA)

2017 Outstanding Accomplishment Awardees
The Pokémon Company
Niantic, Inc.

2017 Innovation Showcase Companies
Fracta, Inc.
Megakaryon Corporation
Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.
TBM, Co., Ltd.
Treasure Data

2016 Emerging Leaders
Mercari, Inc. (Japan)
Dropbox (USA)

2016 Innovation Showcase Companies
Floadia Corporation
Preferred Networks, Inc.
Spiber Inc.
Xenoma Inc.

2015 Emerging Leaders
JINS Co., Ltd (Japan)
iRobot Corporation (USA)

2015 Innovation Showcase Companies
Cloudian Inc.
PI R&D Co., Ltd
Quantum Biosystems, Inc.
Sleepwell Co., Ltd

2014 Emerging Leaders
LINE Corp (Japan)
Stratasys Ltd (USA)

2013 Emerging Leaders
euglena Inc. (Japan)
Bloom Energy (USA)
Cellular Dynamics Intl (USA)

2012 Emerging Leaders
Acucela Inc. (Japan)
Square Inc. (USA)

2011 Emerging Leaders
SanBio (Japan)
Tesla Motors Inc. (USA)

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