Shichi-Go-San Photo Session Event

Capture special life moments while wearing Kimono

2022 SHICHI-GO-SAN PHOTO SESSIONS in Burlingame (七五三の撮影会)

The Japan Society is currently holding Shichi-Go-San Photo Sessions in Burlingame. We pay very close attention to hygiene and follow all COVID-19 guidelines. We can’t handle many cases a day, since we require a certain amount of time between families for cleaning and to avoid overlap.  Pricing starts at $400, with a portion of the fee donated to the Society. Interested? Please feel free to contact us!

ジャパン・ソサエティでは、七五三の撮影会をBurlingame のスタジオにてゆるく実施しています。ガイドラインに沿って衛生面に細心の注意を払いファミリーとファミリーとの時間をあけて着付け・撮影しております。お気軽にご連絡ください!

Register for Shichi-Go-San Photo Session

*Currently we are sold out, but we are working on adding more photo session dates. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be put on the waiting list.
大好評につき現在予約が取れない状況となっておりますが、現在日程を増やす検討をしておりますので、ご興味がおありの方はぜひメールにてご連絡ください。[email protected]

Session TypeDateRegister Below
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session1/8/2022DONE
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session1/23/2022FULL
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session1/30/2022FULL
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session2/6/2022FULL
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session2/12/2022REGISTER
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session2/20/2022FULL
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session2/26/2022FULL
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session3/12/2022REGISTER
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session3/20/2022FULL
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session3/26/2022REGISTER
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session4/3/2022REGISTER
7-5-3 Kimono Photo Session4/10/2022FULL

More Information:

The Photo Session fee is $400, and includes:

  • 45 minute studio session
  • Rental fee for 1 child’s Kimono set
  • Kimono dressing for 1 child
  • Family photos
  • Approximately 50 final digital images

*Please note that it will take about 90 minutes per session including the preparation time.

Additional services:

  • Hair styling & makeup service for girls – $50,
  • hair styling for boys – $20
  • Additional child $100: 1 additional rental Kimono set, an additional 15 minute session and approximately 20 more digital images
  • Hair styling & makeup service for woman $150
  • Kimono rental & dressing for adult $150

For more details, please contact: [email protected]

Photo Gallery

Shichi-go-san means seven-five-three and represents the ages of the kids being celebrated as they reach certain milestones. It is from the Meiji Era (1868-1912) when parents brought their kimono-clad children—girls, ages three and seven; and boys, age three and five—to Shintō shrines and prayed for their children to have long and prosperous lives.

Today, this coming-of-age custom has evolved to encompass all children regardless of their age. Children can dress up in elegant kimono and zōri (sandals) and capture the day with a professional photograph at this traditional event.

ジャパン・ソサエティでは、七五三の撮影会を Burlingame で開催いたします。由緒ある呉服屋さんの長女でもあり子供撮影の経験豊富な Masami さんが、綺麗に丁寧にお子様の身丈にあった寸法に調節し、本格的な着付けコーディネートをいたします。また、撮影を担当するのは、Burlingame で有名なDawdy Photography です。ファミリー全員での撮影もオッケー。$400 からのスタートで、収益の一部はジャパンソサエテーへのドネーションとなります。




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