Yuri’s 5-week internship experience with Japan Society

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Hello, I’m Yuri and I worked as a volunteer intern at the Japan Society of Northern California for 5 weeks. I would like to share my experience here, so hopefully you will be interested in interning at the Japan Society too.

The Japan Society reaches out to many kinds of fields, such as: lectures about Japan and the U.S.’s relationship, more casual happy hour and networking events, kimono photo shootings, and Japanese language classes. My main tasks were creating webpages, graphics, and videos for the events, as well as sending out promotional emails. Some of my bosses were Japanese, and watching them send out emails and have meetings in English allowed me to imagine clearly what it is like to work in the U.S. using English.

The Japan Society is currently using a shared office space, which was very comfortable for me. 

Working in the same place as people from different companies and watching them focusing on their own tasks or talking with each other for inspiration made me feel very free, open, and flexible.

What I learned from my internship experience was that I needed to work hard constantly in order to make the goal of the Japan Society come true, which is “to become a bridge between Japan and the U.S.” During my 5 weeks, I attended a lot of special meetings with special people, including: my bosses, Japanese teachers and students, individuals who work for the embassy and the consulate, and other fellow interns. Thanks to them, I realized that there is always a connection between “a person and a person” before “a country and a country,” and intercultural relationships always start from respecting the people in front of you.

The reason why today’s relationship between Japan and the U.S. exists is because so many people have been working so hard for many years to build a positive connection between “a person and a person.” Because I was part of building and improving these kinds of relationships, from now on I will not only continue my language studies, but also try to be more open-minded and respectful to others. Doing an internship at the Japan Society was a great opportunity to not only improve my computer and English skills, but also to think about the true meanings of “a bridge” and “international.”

San Francisco is a place where the word “diversity” is externalized. Living in San Francisco was very exciting but also relieving at the same time, since I felt like I was accepted no matter who I am. I will move on to my own future dream, and my experience in San Francisco will be a huge help whenever I feel lonely or scared.

My experience living in the U.S. during my childhood has greatly affected my personality and ways of thinking, so I had been dreaming of working in a field that is dedicated to developing Japan and the U.S.’s relationship. I appreciate everyone at the Japan Society for giving me this meaningful internship experience. I will work hard to build a peaceful relationship between Japan and the U.S. after going back to Japan too.

Thank you so much.


こんにちは。Japan Society of Northern Californiaで5週間、インターンとして働いたゆりです。私のインターンシップ体験談を共有します。

Japan Societyの業務は多岐に渡っており、日米の歴史に関する講演会や、よりカジュアルなハッピーアワーのネットワークイベント、さらに着物撮影会をはじめ、日本語教室の企画・運営なども手掛けています。


Japan Societyには日本人スタッフもおり、メールのやり取りやミーティングを英語でする様子を見ながら、「アメリカで英語を使って働く」ということの、具体的なイメージを持つことができました。

Japan Societyはコ・ワーキングスペースを利用しているのですが、とても新鮮でした。異なる企業やスタートアップで働いている一人ひとりが同じ場所に集まり、それぞれが集中して、時には意見を交換しながら仕事を進める環境は、自由で、開放的で、自分の頭を柔軟にしてくれたような気がします。

Japan Societyのインターンを体験する中で私が学んだことは、Japan Societyのミッションである、「日米の架け橋の実現」には、自分の日々の継続的な努力が必要だということです。

この5週間で、Japan Societyのチームの皆さん、日本語教師や受講生の方々、大使館や総領事館に勤めている方々、インターンの仲間など、多くの出会いがありました。そして、「国と国」の関係の前には必ず、「人と人」の関係が存在しており、自分の目の前にいる人を尊重することから、異文化理解が始まるということに気付きました。


Japan Societyでのインターンは、コンピュータースキルや英語力を上達させるだけでなく、「架け橋」や、「国際的」の真の意味を考える、最高の機会となりました。

「多様性」という言葉がそのまま形になったような街であるサンフランシスコでの生活は、刺激的であると同時に、自分をありのままに受け入れられているような安心感があります。そんな街で社会人の方々の生活を体験させていただいたことは、これから自分の進路へ進んでいく私にとって、大きな財産です。アメリカで幼少期を過ごした私にとって、日米の架け橋を目指すJapan Societyでのインターンシップは、とても特別でした。

インターンシップをさせていただいたJapan Societyの皆様に、心より感謝いたします。


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