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Founded in 1905, the Japan Society of Northern California works to advance U.S. – Japan collaboration and understanding in a global context.

Who We Are

Founded in 1905, the Japan Society of Northern California works to advance U.S. – Japan collaboration and understanding in a global context. The Society offers an array of programs and networking opportunities for people and organizations in the Bay Area with a strong interest in Japan. It is the place to go for U.S. – Japan insights, opportunities, collaboration, and networking.

The Society offers unique programs that draw on the diversity of our region, its importance and an exemplar of innovation and economic growth, and our historic ties to Japan, across fields including business, technology, and the arts.

Our speaker events, symposia and conferences, social events, school education programs and language lessons provide our members opportunities for networking, learning, enrichment and engagement.  Through our activities, members can meet and collaborate with industry, academic, and government leaders shaping the Japan – U.S. relationship and the world at large.

Please join us in our mission at the Japan Society of Northern California to understand and shape one of the Bay Area’s most important global relationships!



Founded in 1905 to spread knowledge of Japanese language, arts, industry, history, folklore, and customs, and promote U.S.-Japan cooperation.


Board of Directors

Offering valuable access to the people and issues defining US-Japan relations.


Corporate Members

We would like to acknowledge and wholeheartedly thank our corporate members for their continued support. Our programs, classes, and the fulfillment of our mission would not be possible without their generous contributions.


Event Sponsors

We would like to thank our event sponsors, without whom none of our programming and signature events would be possible.


Leadership Circle

A select group Japan Society members with a special affinity for Japan and U.S. interaction.



Our core Japan Society staff, who work to promote events, organize classes, and collaborate with  board of directors, sponsors, and leadership circle.


Join Our Team

We’re looking for people who have a passion for helping to build connections between the Bay Area and Japan.


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Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, or events you would like us to support/promote.

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The Japan Society of Northern California (JSNC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening cooperation and understanding between the peoples of the United States and Japan through programs that expand knowledge of Japan and foster personal interaction among the Japan and US communities of Northern California.

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