Japanese Group Classes

The registration for Summer term is now open!

Japanese Group Classes

  • Three terms per year: spring (January-April), summer (May-July) and fall (September-December)
  • 12 week sessions of 2-hour classes, once per week
  • Classes of 5 – 12 students
  • All courses are conducted in Pacific Time.

Our language program is for Japan Society Members only.

You will need to have your Bookeo account registered as a JSNC member before being able to sign up for our language courses.

  • Please note that we implemented an auto-renewal system for memberships on 12/02/2021, which we are sure will excite many language students, since this feature removes the issues surrounding signing up for classes when your membership is set to expire. If you do not wish to have your membership renewed next year, however, make sure to cancel your enrollment before your auto-renewal date. Be careful when you cancel, since our memberships are non-refundable and the cancellation will be effective immediately. This change will only apply to memberships or class registrations made on or after 12/02/2021.
  • If you are a Family Membership holder, the membership holder needs to register for all family members. Please reach out to Language Coordinator if you have any questions at [email protected]

Tuition / Fee

ClassNumber of StudentsJapan Society Member
Group Class
5-12 people$300
*Transaction fee IS included.
*Textbook fee is NOT included.

Class Schedule & Locations

Please make sure to purchase the correct textbook for your class!

Please note most of classes will resume online; however, one of Beginning classes under San Francisco will be in person.

*All classes are conducted in Pacific Time.

San Francisco

ClassInstructorDay / Time (pm)DatesLocationRegistration
Beginning 1Shimizu-senseiThurs. 6:30-8:305/12-7/28Online via Zoom
Beginning 2 (In Person)Otsuka-senseiFri. 6:30-8:305/20-8/5fabbit
*This class will be in person! Need to be fully vaccinated in order to join this class.

Beginning 3Yonezawa-senseiTue. 6:00-8:005/10-7/26Online via Zoom
Beginning 4Otsuka-senseiThurs. 6:30-8:305/12-7/28Online via Zoom
Online via Zoom/ Werqwise
**During this term, there will be 1-2 in-person sessions in SF. Those who can't participate will have the option to join virtually.

Pre-Intermediate 2Otsuka-senseiMon. 6:30-8:305/9-8/8 (No class on 5/30 & 7/4)Online via Zoom/ Werqwise
**During this term, there will be 1-2 in-person sessions in SF. Those who can't participate will have the option to join virtually.

Pre-Intermediate 3Otsuka-senseiTue. 6:30-8:305/17-8/2
Online via Zoom/ Werqwise
**During this term, there will be 1-2 in-person sessions in SF. Those who can't participate will have the option to join virtually.

Pre-Intermediate 4Fairchild-senseiTue. 6:00-8:005/10-8/2 (No class on 5/17)Online via Zoom
NEW Intermediate 2Takagi-senseiWed. 6:00-8:005/11-8/3 (No class on 6/29)Online via Zoom
There is another New Intermediate 2 available with Smith-sensei under South Bay section.
Intermediate 5Takagi-senseiTue. 6:00-8:005/10-8/2 (No class on 6/28)Online via Zoom
Minami-sensei's class will be under Online Section

Location *when we resume in-person classes

  • Japan Society of Northern California at Werqwise [map] 149 New Montgomery St, 4F, San Francisco CA 94105
  • Morrison & Foerster LLP [map] 425 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • fabbit [map] 88 Kearny St. Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94108

East Bay

ClassInstructorDay / Time (pm)DatesLocationRegistration
Intermediate 4Fairchild-senseiWed. 6:00-8:005/11-8/3 (No class on 5/18)Online via Zoom

Location *when we resume in-person classes

  • Oakstop [map]1721 Broadway #201, Oakland, CA 94612

  • Clif Bar & Company [map]

San Mateo

ClassInstructorDay / Time (pm)DatesLocationRegistration
Beginning 1Vanasupa-senseiTue. 5:30-7:305/17-8/2Werqwise San Mateo
***This class will be in person! Need to be fully vaccinated in order to join this class.
New Intermediate 1Onuma-senseiWed. 6:00-8:005/18-8/3Online via ZoomSOLD OUT
Pre-Intermediate 4Vanasupa-senseiThurs. 6:00-8:005/19-8/4Online via Zoom
Intermediate 4Vanasupa-senseiWed. 6:00-8:005/18-8/3Online via Zoom

Location *when we resume in-person classes

  • RakuNest [map] 900 Concar Dr, San Mateo, CA 94402
  • Werqwise San Mateo [map] 4W 4th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94402

Palo Alto

Class Instructor Day / Time (pm) Dates Location Registration
Sakamoto-sensei is now teaching a
conversation workshop for beginners!
Online via ZoomWorkshop
NEW Intermediate 1Iizuka-senseiWed. 6:00-8:005/4-7/20Online via ZoomCLOSED
Intermediate 4Iizuka-senseiTue. 6:00-8:005/3-7/19Online via ZoomCLOSED
Intermediate 6Iizuka-senseiThurs. 6:00-8:005/5-7/21Online via ZoomCLOSED
Pre-Advanced 3Ino-senseiTue. 6:00-8:005/10-7/26Online via ZoomCLOSED

Location *when we resume in-person classes

  • Morrison Foerster [map]  A, 755 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati [map]  650 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304

South Bay

ClassInstructorDay / Time (pm)DatesLocationRegistration
Intermediate 3: SunnyvaleIkunaga-senseiMon. 6:00-8:004/25-7/18 (No class on 7/4)Online via ZoomCLOSED
Beginning 3: San JoseHisamura (Toshi)-senseiThurs. 6:30-8:305/19-8/4Online via Zoom
Pre-Intermediate 1: San JoseSawaguchi-senseiThurs. 6:00-8:005/5-7/28 (No class on 6/23)Online via Zoom
NEW Intermediate 2: San JoseSmith-senseiTue. 6:00-8:005/10-7/26Online via ZoomCLOSED
Intermediate 4: San JoseIkunaga-senseiWed. 6:00-8:004/27-7/13 Online via ZoomClosed
Pre-Advanced 5: San JoseYokoyama-senseiThurs. 6:00-8:004/28-7/28 (No class on 5/12&6/30)Online via ZoomSOLD OUT
Conversation Boot CampMatsui-senseiResume in Fall

San Jose Location *when we resume in-person classes

  • Sony Electronics, Inc. [map] 1730 N. First St, San Jose, CA 95112

Sunnyvale Location *when we resume in-person classes

  • Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. [map] 1240 E. Arques Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


ClassInstructorDay / Time (pm)DatesLocationRegistration
Beginning 1Matsumura-senseiThurs. 6:00-8:005/26-8/18 (no class on 7/28)Online Via Zoom
2 spots left!!
Beginning 2Shimizu-senseiWed. 6:30-8:305/11-7/27Online Via ZoomSOLD OUT
Beginning 2Matsumura-senseiFri. 6:00-8:005/13-8/5 (no class on either 7/15 or 7/22)Online Via ZoomCancelled
Beginning 4Iizuka-senseiMon. 6:00-8:005/2-7/25 (No class on 7/4)Online via ZoomSOLD OUT
Pre-Intermediate 3Vanasupa-senseiFri. 4:00-6:005/20-8/5Online via Zoom
Special Advanced Minami-senseiThurs. 5:50-7:505/12-7/28Online via ZoomSOLD OUT

*Please note that our online classes will not provide recordings of the lessons. Class participation is necessary.

Language Program Supporters

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Group Class Policies

Please read carefully before enrolling in the classes


  1. Our language program is for Japan Society of Northern California members only. Students will need to have a Bookeo account and be registered as a JSNC member before being able to sign up for a class.
  1. Changing a Class: Students may switch levels with their instructor’s approval, so long as it is before the 3rd lesson of each term. To request a change, please contact the Japan Society Language Class Coordinator by email at [email protected].
  2. Student contact information collected from the registration process may be given to the instructor of the class for teaching and/or emergency purposes.
  3. All students attending group classes must be at least 18 years old. If you are interested in language classes for children under the age of 16, we recommend our private tutoring options.
  4. Classes that are cancelled due to holidays or teacher emergencies will be rescheduled.
  5. Occasionally we are required to replace an instructor, change the schedule, and/or update the location of a class. While we try to avoid these changes, we reserve the right to make them as needed.
  6. Please keep your receipt of tuition payment when you register online.



  1. Language classes will continue as long as at least 5 students are enrolled. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a class is cancelled, students already enrolled will receive a full refund.
  2. If there are no students present within the first 20 minutes of a scheduled class, that class will be cancelled and will not be rescheduled.
  3. Dropping a Class: Before the 3rd lesson of each term, students can drop the course and will receive a refund of $250. After that, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason. Requests for tuition refunds can be made by emailing [email protected] .
  4. Membership fees paid at the time of registration are non-refundable.



  1. Students who wish to have a certificate of completion can request one by emailing [email protected] at the end of each term.
  2. Completion of our classes is not equivalent to passing the Japan Language Proficiency Test or any other test of Japanese skill. Parties interested in taking a proficiency test should contact the Japan Foundation in Los Angeles for more information.


See our Frequently Asked Questions.  >>> Read More

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