Japanese Corporate Membership

The Japan Society of Northern California provides a unique venue for Japanese business executives to network with a diverse group of people.

About the Japanese Corporate Membership

Founded in 1905, the Japan Society of Northern California works to advance U.S. – Japan collaboration and understanding in a global context. The Society offers an array of programs and networking opportunities for Americans with an interest in connecting to Japan and for Japanese with an interest in better connecting to the Bay Area. Click here for more details: usajapan.org

The Japan Society of Northern California provides a unique venue for Japanese business executives to network with a diverse group of people living and working in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. It is a place to make business connections, gather information, and develop strong personal relationships with local people who have an interest in Japan. Japanese business can also use the Society programs to talk about their business – we are always looking for speakers to talk about new and cutting edge developments in Japan and examples of collaboration between Japanese and Bay Area companies.

There is now a way for Japanese companies who do not have a presence in the Bay Area to take advantage of these benefits through a new non-resident membership category. For only $1500 a year Japanese companies can enjoy the benefits below.

Please join us in our mission to build even stronger bridges between Japan and the Bay Area. We look forward to helping your company successfully engage in America’s center for innovation and technology.

Japanese Corporate Membership (USD1500.00)

  • Individual Memberships: One-year individual memberships to JSNC for all local employees (registration required)
  • Free Entry: Free tickets for all regular Bay Area programs (not including Innovation Symposium, Gala Dinner or special invitation-only events)
  • Innovation Symposium: 2 complimentary tickets to annual Japan-US Innovation Symposium (advanced registration required)
  • Executive Briefing: 1 exclusive briefing tailored to member interest a year with JSNC president and/or board members as relevant and 1 introductory meeting a year with useful connection in Bay Area
  • Event Hosting: Opportunity to host JSNC events subject to JSNC review and meeting JSNC standards
  • Marketing Package: Company profile and logo introduced in JSNC e-newsletter, name (including company logo and link) listed on JSNC website and in JSNC print materials
  • JSNC Network: Inclusive engagement with JSNC network inviting member comment, suggestions and questions.
  • JSNC e-Newsletter: Complimentary subscription for all employees

日本企業様向け非居住会員カテゴリー (USD1500.00)


  • 個人会員: 全社員様向けJSNC個人会員資格(有効期限1年間、登録が必要です)
  • 無料入場資格: SFベイエリアの通常プログラムへの参加費無料(Japan-US Innovation Symposium、Gala Dinner 等の特別招待者のみのイベントは対象外とさせていただきます)
  • イノベーション・シンポジウム参加資格: 毎年開催されるJapan-US Innovation Symposiumの入場券2名様分(事前登録が必要です))
  • エグゼクティブ・ブリーフィング: JSNC会長あるいは理事会メンバー(もしくは左記複数名出席)とのご関心分野における個別エグゼクティブ・ブリーフィング(年間1回)、及びSFベイエリアでのコネクション開拓となるようなご紹介(年間1回)
  • イベント開催: JSNCでのイベント開催(JSNC基準に関する事前審査があります)
  • マーケティング・パッケージ: JSNCメールマガジンで企業概要とロゴのご紹介、JSNCウェブサイト及び紙媒体への企業名掲載(企業ロゴ及びリンク含む)
  • JSNC ネットワーク: JSNCのネットワークをご利用いただき、メンバーからのコメント、提案、質問を集めることができます。
  • JSNCメールマガジン: 全社員様向けJSNCメールマガジンの無料配信

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