“Paper Lanterns” Film Release

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We are excited to announce that after such positive receptions at the Japan Society’s Bay Area screenings, Memorial Day events in Massachusetts, and at the screening for the United Nations in NYC, the documentary “Paper Lanterns” will now be officially released to the world! (well, at least to the USA and anyone with an iTunes or video on demand account)

The release date is August 7th, but the film is available for pre-order here on iTunes and here on Amazon right this moment. We kindly ask everyone who has already seen the film to pre-order and please leave a review on iTunes. It makes a huge difference!

“Paper Lanterns” will also be available on Vimeo, as well as available for purchase on sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. It will eventually be available on demand for Comcast, Cox, and Spectrum. No news on anything overseas yet, but expect a release for Japan markets in the near future.

Again, none of this would be possible without the community’s generous support and enthusiasm for the film. Thank you again to everyone who made it out to one of the screenings and hopefully Shigeaki Mori’s message of reconciliation and solidarity against war can reach a few more people.

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