Building Stronger US-Japan Bridges Recap

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November 5th, the Japan Society welcomed Kenichiro and Nobuko Sasae, and Dr. Satu Limaye to discuss how to strengthen ties between Japan and the US.

Over their respective careers, Ken and Nobuko have seen a remarkable evolution of that relationship, from one in which Japan was viewed often as an economic competitor and a junior security partner in the 1980s to one today in which Japan is clearly an equal economic and security partner, taking new leadership roles in the region and globally.

Satu Limaye, Director of the East West Center of Washington DC, shared the organization’s Japan Matters for America/America Matters for Japan initiative, highlighting U.S.-Japan connections at the national, state and local levels.

His presentation can be seen by clicking here. The PPT illustrates Japanese economic and business ties with the Bay Area and reminds us why a strong US-Japan relationship is important for our collective livelihood here.

The message of the evening–that the Bay Area is inextricably tied to the businesses, culture and people of Japan.

(Photos from the event are posted on our Facebook page.)

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