Japanese Jazz: The Playlist

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March 21st, InterMusicSF Executive Director Cory Combs took us through time and space to analyze the history of Japanese jazz music. Videos and audio clips from Japan’s war reconstruction era to contemporary New York-esque nightlife in Tokyo supplemented his lecture.

Cory Combs speaks to attendees of the March 21st event.

The complete playlist from Cory’s presentation can be dowloaded here.We have also included some publicly accessible video resources and websites at the end of this post.

Most of the audio is easy to find, but some may be a bit off the beaten path (and all the more interesting because of it).

We are so grateful for the great turnout and interesting conversations on music’s contributions to culture and identity.

(Photos from the event are posted on our Facebook page.)

Video and Web Resources:

Jazz in Japan (website)
Toshiko Akiyoshi (video)
Warped Ones Jazz Scene (video)
Takashi Matsunaga (video)
Hiromi Live (video)
Myra Melford and Stomu Takeishi (video)

Note: Resources generously provided by Cory Combs. Not all videos above were shown during the March 21st event, due to time constraints. We encourage you to check them out!

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