Shades of Gray: Age-tech reshapes elderly healthcare in Japan

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On Tuesday September 10th Dr. Tae Hyun Kim, Professor John Campbell, and Joseph Schmidt talked about different aspects of Japan’s (and the world’s) aging society, how technology can be used to address and assist with these problems, and the steps Japan has taken already

First, Dr. Tae Hyung Kim, professor at the University of Southern California and Chairman of Board ad DENTCA shared his experience and mission towards providing the elderly with high quality dental care. He discussed how technological advancements have allowed for new procedures that can create high quality dentures and discussed the need to teach this technology to increase the level of care that elderly people experience regarding dentures.

Dr. Tae Hyung Kim shares his company’s product and mission.

Afterwards, John Campbell, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan, discussed the policy side of the aging issue in Japan and explained certain policies and initiatives that Japan has enacted in order to deal with the demographic shift. Additionally, he discussed the technological innovation regarding robots that has and continues to occur in Japan and ended his section with lessons that Japan and the United States can learn from each other regarding this issue.

Joseph Schmidt, Vice President of SOMPO Digital Lab, Inc, ended the discussion with information about different organizations, including his own, and how they are addressing the aging society and providing care in an effective way.

Larry Greenwood (right), president of the Japan Society of Northern California introduces speaker Joseph Schmidt.

Those involved in the field of care-giving, and those interested in either the aging society or technological innovations were able to ask questions and have meaning discussions about how to best provide the care that elderly individuals need. As well as how the United States can learn from Japan, and vice-versa, as this is a demographic change that many countries will face in the future. Thank you to our speakers, and guests for a lively discussion and great information on age-tech.

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