How Silicon Valley Start-Ups Can Make it in Japan

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On August 28th Alan Mockridge, President of Intralink North America, and Matthew Fuller, partner at Geodesic Capital, gave an incredibly informative presentation on their experience with bringing Silicon Valley tech start-ups to Japan. Both individuals have a long and successful history with bringing American and European tech companies into the Japanese market.

They discussed not only the process and approach that each of their respective companies takes towards entering the Japanese market, but also the challenges that many companies face in this situation and ways to deal with or avoid them. Additionally, both addressed the similarities that companies who have had successful operations in Japan have possessed, and the best way to apply those to new start-ups.

The attendees, of various backgrounds, asked interesting questions about the feasibility and timeline that one could expect in this process, and each speaker used their experience to answer. Additionally, the speakers and guests discussed the changing nature of business culture and processes in Japan, and the best way to navigate a business culture that is oftentimes extremely different than that of many Silicon Valley start-ups.

Attendees were able to meet individuals from many different companies and organizations with similar interests and goals and were able to network and discuss ideas, experiences, opinions and shared challenges.

We’re grateful to our two speakers for sharing their expertise on the matter and hope that those who attended were able to gain information helpful to their possible future endeavors into the Japanese market.

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