Traveling to Japan in 2020

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On August 27th Kay Cuellar from the Japan National Tourism Organization came all the way from Los Angeles to talk about travel to Japan in 2020 and beyond and to share some information about the Tokyo Olympics.

Kay Cuellar from the Japan National Travel Organization came to speak.

From which airports to fly into, the best ways to travel around once you’ve landed, different types of accommodations available, and popular and less known places to visit, she covered every aspect of traveling to Japan. She also made sure to mention all of the other places in Japan that have incredible sights and fun things to do other than in Tokyo (although Tokyo is definitely not to be missed out on!)

Another important thing was some new information that cleared up some of the uncertainty regarding the Olympics and specifically ticket purchasing. There was information helpful for people planning a first trip to Japan, and even to seasoned Japan travel.

The attendees had helpful experiences to share with each other and you could feel the excitement in the room and the love that many people had for Japan as a travel destination. People left with a better idea of the Olympic ticketing opportunities that will be available to them, and a tangible excitement about upcoming travel to Japan. It definitely inspired people to start making plans to go to Japan in the near future!

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