New Year’s Greetings from the President

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January 1st, 2022

Happy New Year!

I hope you are starting the year 2022 (the fourth year of the Reiwa era in Japan) in a great spirit.  
As we begin the new year, I would like to thank you for your continued support of the Japan Society of Northern California (the Society) in our pursuit of the unchanging mission of advancing understanding and friendship between the peoples of the US and Japan at the grassroot. 

The year of 2022 in Japan is a year of the Tiger (寅) having characteristics of courage and determination and an image of creating a foundation of new growth with buds beginning to sprout after the severe winter season (of COVID-19 pandemic). I hope that 2022 will be a good and strong year leading to a great future ahead.   

The Society will continue its efforts to present many meaningful events and networking opportunities in both art & culture and business & technology, which will include an expansion of “Healthcare Connection” Program, added to the already established “Annual Innovation Award Symposium”, as we strengthen the theme of connecting Silicon Valley ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship to Japan.

I would like to ask you for your continuing support and welcome your active participation in our community in this changing and exciting time. 
I hope you will stay safe and healthy, wishing you all the best for a successful 2022. 

Takahide Akiyama, President

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