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After years of fostering a relationship between Japan and Silicon Valley, we are now pleased to announce the establishment of a Japan Office (日本事務所) headed by our new Japan Chief Representative, Mr. Satoru Watanabe, Founder and CEO of Maximize, Inc.

Watanabe has an impressive career, having graduated from Tokyo University and earning his post-graduate degree from Yale, he also helped translate Steven Blank’s book “The Four Steps to the Epiphany.” Watanabe worked with multiple software venture companies, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, before eventually joining Maximize, Inc.

Maximize specializes in identifying and sourcing key emerging technologies and methodology, successfully introducing new innovative solutions into the Japanese market.

The addition of this Japan office will enable us to broaden JSNC recognition in Japan, collaborate more closely with Japanese corporations and startups, and organize more events and programs for our Japan members.

We are very excited to have Mr. Satoru Watanabe join the team and we look forward to future collaborations and programming!

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